Design Basics for Bloggers – In Simple Steps to Professional Blog Design

When a reader visits your blog, you have 15 seconds to make a good first impression with a nice blog design. If your blog design looks unprofessional, or distracts many banners and pop-ups from the basics, chances are you’ve already lost the reader. The solution lies in an appealing blog design. Since every blog and blogger is very different, there is no blanket solution. These guidelines should help you to find the right blog design for your blog.

  1. Optimize blog design: It’s hard to start with

The actual work for a new design should start well before the selection of a theme. First, you should ask yourself a few questions: What suits you, your blog and what is your message? What kind of content will be mostly on your blog? Do you focus on visual or textual content? In addition, you should consider which functions are particularly important for you and your goals. Writing down these points for you will help you get a better overview of the requirements of your (new) blog design.

  1. The selection of the theme

Your theme alone should not take all the reader’s attention, but support the impact of your content and fit into the blog design (except maybe your blog revolves around “web design”).

When choosing the theme, you should pay attention to a few things. First, your theme should be a responsive theme. This means it’s also optimized for mobile because many readers read digital content on their phone or tablet. For the beautiful Design blog this is a very important option now.

  1. Branding through Blog Design: The Header

Your blog including your blog design represents you and your brand. In the first step you should start with the design of your header. In the header you can use your logo to increase the recognition value of your blog and make a good first impression. A good logo is easy to recognize without distracting from the actual content.

  1. Even with the blog design: Less is more

In the implementation of a blog design, there are often countless opportunities that you would like to try all at once. However, also applies to your blog: A tidy and clear blog design always looks good and professional.

A simple way to implement this is the use of free space, eg in the area of ​​images, texts or other elements. It gives the various elements more impact space. When choosing and combining different colors on your blog, you should be careful. Two (maybe three) colors can have a positive effect on the positioning of your own brand, but should not drown out everything else.

  1. Blog Design: The user experience and general design standards

When you create your blog design, it can be particularly helpful to imagine that you, as a new reader, come to your blog. What do you notice first? Do you find everything you are looking for at first glance? If you can agree with these points, you are on the right path to a good and efficient blog design.

  1. Check your blog design regularly

If you are satisfied with your design so far, you should check your design on different devices. You should also test whether all social media links, the links in the menu, but also the imprint and privacy policy work properly. This should be repeated at regular intervals to make sure everything is working properly.

Perfections for the Proper Web Designing Here Now

When ordering a site, each customer is confronted with the same issues and problems. How much will it cost? At whom to order? What time frame?

The opinion, as a contractor, in this case is subjective for understandable reasons. Nevertheless, over the years of our work, we have developed an understanding of popular mistakes that occur when ordering a site. Instead of listing the “how not to do”, we will focus on recommendations on how to properly order a website.

Recommendations – The most correct (from our point of view) approach for choosing a contractor to create a site. It is very important that the recommendation is based on positive work experience, and not on dating. If the one who recommends that the contractor has no experience with the recommended contractor such a recommendation will most likely not lead to the desired result. The options for the Web Designs by Salterra are there now.

If you do not have recommendations, search for a contractor for a site order should be conducted according to 3 criteria – portfolio, cost, reviews. Portfolio should not be small in terms of the number of works and, of course, suit you for quality. It is desirable that you see the sites of well-known companies in it. This indicates the level of the studio.

It is desirable that the contractor has customer feedback, backed up with copies posted on the site or confirmed in some other way.

 Another nuance that you should consider when ordering a site

Sometimes the choice of a contractor is between an individual and a firm. Each of these contractors has its pros and cons and in this article we will focus on the basic nuances.

Freelancers, i.e. private individuals involved in creating a site at home. Their main advantage is low cost, but this can serve as their main disadvantage, too.

Value – It is a reflection of experience, opportunities, guarantees, etc. Among freelancers, of course, there are talented performers; their work is valued almost as much as the work of professional studios. As a rule, these are former employees of web design studios who, due to circumstances or properties of a character, choose to work independently. There are not many such people on the market. Cooperation with such a freelancer threatens the loss of time, money, negative emotions.

Unlike freelancers, having a full-fledged staff, organizational structure, such companies can ensure compliance with deadlines and maintaining the quality of work at a certain level. And, as you know, quality work cannot be cheap.

Building a Client-Oriented Service Desk

Most of the clients will write to client support only as a last resort. They will rummage all your website in search of the answer to the questions and, without having found them, will write the angry letters. Any request of clients and the closed tickets should be analyzed and if their repetition is possible to write about it the instruction or a short note to the FAQ. So you will be able to anticipate a set of problems and to unload most the part your employees. If that doesn’t work make sure you comply with the basic rules to provide a great service desk

These rules can seem obvious, but in real work almost every company which will organize at itself service of client support, not all observes them. What leads to very unpleasant problems out of the blue. If initially to approve the similar instruction for employees and to train them constantly to be verified with it so that they have reached automatism, then you will avoid a set of mistakes.

It was necessary only to understand what tool support service will use in the work. It is very important and there is a set of options. Most of the large companies use CRM services with the integrated modules of accounting of applications in which bring all requests arriving from users. In the same place responsible, all tickets appointed are processed, traced and closed.

It is very convenient for control of the staff, but it is rather difficult in integration into the structure of the company. CRM introduction is a multistage process which includes the analysis of requirements of the company, development, and deployment of services and also testing and licensing. Also, you will need to train all employees and to organize user support for the service. And, of course, such systems cost at the initial stage of introduction rather much and demand constant service.

Essential Options In the Perfect Optimization Works Now

Here are some tips on optimizing (SEO) search engine optimization on a website and increasing its Page Rank. If you apply at least 50% of these, it will certainly affect the traffic and, most importantly, the profits from your website.

  1. Own homeowner: sounds very frivolous if your domain has a free domain name and you are a famous company! Example: Depending on your business, your domain may end in .com, .net, .biz or .bg
  2. Host your site on a trusted server: not some free ones. This will save you a lot of trouble. Hosting plans for different businesses are no longer so expensive and definitely worth using them.
  3. Meta Tags (Title, Description, and Keyword) are required elements of any web site. Different meta tags have different specifics, length of symbols and keyword saturation. It is also important that each page has separate tags, so you can optimize all pages of the site and not just a homepage.

Website Optimization

Saturation of content by keywords

This is very important if you want your web site to show up ahead in search engine and portal results.

Remove the java script from the site code and put it in an external file, and use a link to it from the “head” of the page. Do not use a lot of Flash on the site, yet it is hardly indexed by the search enginesUse CSS instead of color, size or background HTML Tags , make a separate CSS file for the entire site. CCS is important for any website optimization. With the Best SEO Companies you can simply have the perfect details now.

Change the link buttons or java links to text links. Internal links must be made and written according to the search engine optimization rules (SEO).Make a Site Map page, that is, a Sitemap. All search engines evaluate if they find Site Map on the website, so easily find all pages of the site. There are different types of Maps on a website, the most famous structure is tree-like, you may want to consider using Google Site Map.

Make 404 error page, it’s always good if someone accidentally gets on the wrong link you can point it to the website without changing the name of the link

Use the text link menu at the bottom of each page

One web page should not exceed 100 kb. The more light a page is, the faster it is loaded and easier it is indexed by the search engine crawlers. Register your DMOZ, Yahoo Dir, Google, and MSN Web site if it is in Bulgarian, also in the largest Bulgarian portals and search engines. Without registering a website is like having a store and someone not knowing where it is and how to get to it.

Find the High Potential of Your Website through SEO

The steps of creating a website should be followed in a logical order starts with registering a domain, with a hosting package and with the actual creation. Some either call a web designer, or some create their own site with the help of platforms.

Regardless of the situation, maintaining a website and increasing notoriety depends on how important and time it is given. Thus, one of the most important factors for traffic capture is search engine optimization, a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Unfortunately, this process is neglected by many site owners, which affects negatively, as search engine traffic may be up to 65-70%.

Specifically, SEO involves several techniques to design and update the site in order to get the most prominent positions in the search engines, by querying certain keywords. Although there are many search engines globally (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, etc.), Google owns the market monopoly, which is why most of the solutions are for Google SEO. Some companies like LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix do these things perfectly.

What are Google’s main indexing and ranking algorithms?

When creating a website, the system must be designed to include html tags, such as meta description, meta keywords, friendly URLs, etc. Also, each page of the website must have specific keywords and place them in the content of the page. The old Google algorithm considers a good Page Rank to be a leading position – that’s why you must be enrolled in some web directories, portals, and, more recently, blogs on the same domain.

  • Of course, at least to maintain the same position, a constant investment is required for SEO. In addition to other issues, in April this year, Google has changed its ranking algorithm. Thus, it promotes in the ranking those websites that are mobile responsive, to the detriment of those that are not accessible on mobile devices.
  • Also, lately, content marketing is becoming increasingly popular – as Google itself says “Content is the King,” the algorithm focuses more on creating and publishing original and quality content that is relevant to readers. Therefore, it is recommended that any website, regardless of the field of activity, owns a blog, which constantly publishes relevant content for its readers.

If the online business requires performance, it is recommended to call an SEO specialist to implement SEO methods and strategies to help capture as much traffic as possible on search engines with certainty, the investment will be beneficial in time.

Important Facts about Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – this is a revolutionary word that has taken a remarkable turn into the W 3 system. With the world of benefits that the SEO has to offer, every business is now moving into a new horizon of developing a search engine optimized website that helps to boost its business, grab new customers, seek customer attention and drive more traffic towards the business website. You see, the cliché behind a successful business is the high number of customers or clients and high amounts of sales which in turn lead to high returns on investments. So, ideally, when you have such huge genre of benefits with search engine optimization techniques like creating link, back link, Meta tags and keywords; then opting for it should not be a matter of second thought ever. Talk to Scottsdale SEO professionals.


Here are some more facts and features of what search engine optimization is all about!


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly significant as it helps in promoting your website by bringing it to the top pages on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN etc.
  • All that you are required to do is to seek professional advice on choosing the right keywords and anchor text with which your business website will be optimized.
  • SEO happens to be a continuous requirement and hence you cannot stop it when you find that your keyword has a high rank. Always remember that like you, there are several businesses who are striving hard to make it big on the global platform.
  • All the leading search engines will constantly update ranking algorithms and their database and the search results will keep changing accordingly.
  • Hence you require monitoring and modifying keywords as per the changing needs.


Quality SEO Service


  • You cannot always earn the first position even when you have a quality SEO service with you.
  • Also, you cannot rely on a single traffic source. Traffic can be brought to your website by some other search engines too and not just by the leading ones.
  • There can be fluctuation in your page ranking if a change is brought in algorithms by the search engine.


Proper SEO Strategies


  • Through proper Scottsdale SEO strategies and ethical ways, you can expect to get back your top position soon.
  • You should remember that Meta tags which are stuffed with keywords alone would not be helping SEO now.
  • Link building on a mass scale without offering attention to the website quality is not at all a good strategy.


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