Building a Client-Oriented Service Desk

Most of the clients will write to client support only as a last resort. They will rummage all your website in search of the answer to the questions and, without having found them, will write the angry letters. Any request of clients and the closed tickets should be analyzed and if their repetition is possible to write about it the instruction or a short note to the FAQ. So you will be able to anticipate a set of problems and to unload most the part your employees. If that doesn’t work make sure you comply with the basic rules to provide a great service desk

These rules can seem obvious, but in real work almost every company which will organize at itself service of client support, not all observes them. What leads to very unpleasant problems out of the blue. If initially to approve the similar instruction for employees and to train them constantly to be verified with it so that they have reached automatism, then you will avoid a set of mistakes.

It was necessary only to understand what tool support service will use in the work. It is very important and there is a set of options. Most of the large companies use CRM services with the integrated modules of accounting of applications in which bring all requests arriving from users. In the same place responsible, all tickets appointed are processed, traced and closed.

It is very convenient for control of the staff, but it is rather difficult in integration into the structure of the company. CRM introduction is a multistage process which includes the analysis of requirements of the company, development, and deployment of services and also testing and licensing. Also, you will need to train all employees and to organize user support for the service. And, of course, such systems cost at the initial stage of introduction rather much and demand constant service.

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