Find the High Potential of Your Website through SEO

The steps of creating a website should be followed in a logical order starts with registering a domain, with a hosting package and with the actual creation. Some either call a web designer, or some create their own site with the help of platforms.

Regardless of the situation, maintaining a website and increasing notoriety depends on how important and time it is given. Thus, one of the most important factors for traffic capture is search engine optimization, a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Unfortunately, this process is neglected by many site owners, which affects negatively, as search engine traffic may be up to 65-70%.

Specifically, SEO involves several techniques to design and update the site in order to get the most prominent positions in the search engines, by querying certain keywords. Although there are many search engines globally (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, etc.), Google owns the market monopoly, which is why most of the solutions are for Google SEO. Some companies like LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix do these things perfectly.

What are Google’s main indexing and ranking algorithms?

When creating a website, the system must be designed to include html tags, such as meta description, meta keywords, friendly URLs, etc. Also, each page of the website must have specific keywords and place them in the content of the page. The old Google algorithm considers a good Page Rank to be a leading position – that’s why you must be enrolled in some web directories, portals, and, more recently, blogs on the same domain.

  • Of course, at least to maintain the same position, a constant investment is required for SEO. In addition to other issues, in April this year, Google has changed its ranking algorithm. Thus, it promotes in the ranking those websites that are mobile responsive, to the detriment of those that are not accessible on mobile devices.
  • Also, lately, content marketing is becoming increasingly popular – as Google itself says “Content is the King,” the algorithm focuses more on creating and publishing original and quality content that is relevant to readers. Therefore, it is recommended that any website, regardless of the field of activity, owns a blog, which constantly publishes relevant content for its readers.

If the online business requires performance, it is recommended to call an SEO specialist to implement SEO methods and strategies to help capture as much traffic as possible on search engines with certainty, the investment will be beneficial in time.

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